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the UK's biggest pool of commerce performance insight

Opinions are interesting, knowledge is power.

With an ever growing pool of insight, view aggregated trends on a media, retailer or even category level to understand the impact of the media which will help inform your future decision and allow you to focus on directing investment where it can generate the most powerful returns.


By providing market-leading visibility of shopper performance data, Trends works to turbocharge your understanding of shopper/retail media and ensures that insight underpins every investment choice made by users.


By leaning on Trends, shopper teams can accelerate speed of their learning by at least a factor of 10 - fueling smarter decisions and increased return on investment over time.

Plan with increased effectiveness

Plan-Apps hosts commerce marketing performance data across the FMCG market.


This includes learnings across retail sectors (including Grocery, Impulse and High Street retailers), on a range of brands (including large multi-national and new-to-market brands), as well as ‘toolkit’ shopper media, bespoke shopper solutions and secondary space.


The chances are, if your team has not evaluated a shopper marketing activity, relevant learning is available on Plan-Apps - through Trends.


Compare performance across touchpoints, retailers, shopper journeys and categories

Using Trends, teams can look to understand how a shopper media channel is performing in a specific retailer, or across the whole market, based on priority metrics including £ uplift and ROI. This data can be looked at a featured SKU, brand or category level and the spread of results within all benchmarks can be investigated.

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