The platform that’s transforming shopper marketing. 

Measure, learn, plan, buy shopper marketing activity like never before.

We're helping brands and retailers across the globe to deliver and demonstrate a positive return on investment for their marketing activity.

Everything you need in one place.

Transparent workflow.

Improved results.

Intuitive planning.


Business benefits

Plan better

Better decision-making starts by being in command of the information: with Plan-Apps, you’ll be able to track rates, plan more effectively, plan uplift effects and returns across your whole marketing plan.

Learn 10x faster

If you know what worked and why, you can optimise your plans quickly and efficiently to make your marketing go that bit further and start reaping the returns. 

Share knowledge

With a business based pricing model, rather than per user, you can easily share knowledge across your business, or if you'd rather - quickly export it out so you can input it into other documents.

Join some of the UKs largest brands and retailers

“The Plan-Apps portal has given us the knowledge of what’s working for us, as well as what media elements are most effective in different channels, in a really intuitive way. As we move towards a big period of activity, having this depth of insight has meant we’ve been able to be more choiceful in our decisions about our media mix.”


Stephanie Mewse: Shopper Insight Controller - pladis