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Use Data to plan, manage and evaluate your campaigns, or retail estate effectively.

Plan better whilst learning faster

Plan-Apps is a commerce marketing platform that streamlines the full marketing campaign cycle - connecting brands and retailers to allow you to use Data to plan, manage and evaluate your campaigns, or retail estate effectively.

Budget and keep track of your spend

Managing spend cross-retail across a portfolio of brands can be messy. With everything in one place, you can easily budget and keep track of your spend in real-time.

View industry, category and company level trends

If you know what worked and why, you can optimise your plans quickly and efficiently to make your marketing go that bit further and start reaping the returns. 

Plan your campaigns, for one of multiple retailers & brands

Better decision-making starts by being in command of the information: with Plan-Apps, you’ll be able to track rates, plan more effectively, plan uplift effects and returns across your whole marketing plan.

Measure the full impact

Transparent, consistent and robust measurement across multiple methodologies.

Trusted by the largest FMCGs & retailers across the UK


“Through ongoing collaboration we continue to drive efficiencies and trial new shopper channels to create best in class campaigns. The team are knowledgeable, professional and always on hand to take on any of the briefs I put their way with pace and diligence.”

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Cross retail evaluations


Media value planned


All of your shopper, in one simple place​

Build and execute shopper plans from your desktop.

Say goodbye to millions of spreadsheets. You can now plan, track all of your campaigns across all retailers in one single place with handy reminders for deadlines, finance reporting and additional third party integrations. 

Opinions are interesting, knowledge is power.

Plan with confidence. 


With over 4000 evaluations uploaded onto the platform, you can view aggregated trends on a media, retailer or even category level to understand the impact of the media which will help inform your future decisions and allow you to focus on directing investment where it can generate powerful returns.

Consistent and reliable measurement

If shoppers can see it, we can measure it.

Any touchpoint from a shelf talker to digital screens to secondary space to e-commerce- as long as it’s customer facing, we have multiple different measurement methodologies we can use to analyse the effects at SKU, brand and category level. 

Proven to deliver improved performance



Weighted Brand ROI

Crisps, Snacks & Nuts category subscriber



In Trending  ROI Ambient Grocery

category subscriber

Our story


Born 7 years ago, Plan-Apps was initially created as an internal tool within the SMG business to help our team of shopper marketeers work more efficiently. But as the platform grew, the power of data and insights allowed our team to not only work more efficiently, but more intelligently.


We recognised the lack of consistency and transparency across the industry and figured, why keep it to ourselves?

So, we launched Plan-Apps as an external platform, acting as the operating system that connects brands and retailers to streamline planning, media buying, budgeting, and evaluating commerce marketing activity.

Today, Plan-Apps powers each of the SMG agencies, as well as our retail partners media estates.

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