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Custom reporting & budgeting;

With all of your planning and measurement data within the platform, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. 

Build custom reports and set your budgets for the year ahead and make sure you stay in control at all times and have full transparency on your plans. 

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Monitor actual spending

vs budgets seamlessly

By working hand in hand with the Planner application, you don't need to worry about updating multiple documents ever again. As your team plans their activations they can easily assign the spend to the relevant budget pot so your total financial position is always up to date so you can look at the numbers from a cross-retailer view, across the full financial year to ensure you don't uncover and nasty surprises when it's too late.

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Set your budgets in a way that works for you

Every business is different, and we understand that assigning your budgets isn't always as simple and straightforward as it seems. That's why with the Budgeting application, we give you the flexibility to set up your budgets as you need, in line with your own financial year. Whether that be by retailer type, by brand, or by campaign, view the data as you need to stay in control.

Share your budgets

With one central view in Plan-Apps, your entire team and wider stakeholders are in the know at all times. Plus, with a simple interface, it makes the numbers simple to digest.


Export and share


Need to add a quick view into a wider report for the business or want to analyze the numbers in more depth? No problem. Simply export your spend and you'll receive the raw data of all the activity within the platform so you have full control.


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