Transform your retail media estate

Our specialist retailer apps support supplier funded co-marketing campaigns between retailers and brands. 

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Evaluate all in-store activity programmatically

Supplier brands need to know what works, so they can direct their investment successfully and grow it over time. 


Plan-Apps allows you to analyse the effects of all in-store activity and report back at brand, SKU and category level. Metrics include % Uplift, £ Uplift  and ROI, and benchmarking from Plan-Apps' unrivalled Trends database.

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Build and share your media toolkit with suppliers

With Media, you can build a shareable media catalogue with all the key facts for your supplier base.


Supporting rich text, imagery and statistics from the Insight module, Media gets the basics done brilliantly so suppliers and colleagues can find the right touchpoint, fast. 

Allocate media across stores using AI

Trying to allocate hundreds of campaigns across an estate of several thousand stores?

No problem.


Plan-Apps algorithmically ensures that campaigns are only sent where product is distributed and ensures a ‘fair share’ of store footfall across multiple competing brands. 

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