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Digestible insights, tailored to you.

Want to understand the top level performance? No problem. Your dashboard will display data from your plans and evaluations to give you quick, digestible, yet fully customisable insights that you can share within your business.


Opinions are interesting, knowledge is power.

With over 4000 evaluations uploaded onto the platform, you can view aggregated trends on a media, retailer or even category level to understand the impact of the media which will help inform your future decision and allow you to focus on directing investment where it can generate the most powerful returns.


Build and execute shopper plans from your desktop.

Say goodbye to millions of spreadsheets. You can now plan and track all of your campaigns across all retailers in one single place with handy reminders for deadlines, finance reporting and additional third party integrations. 


If shoppers can see it, we can measure it.

With multiple different measurement methodologies to choose from, whether you've activated a shelf talker, a digital screen or anything in-between, as long as it’s customer facing, we can measure we can analyse the effects of your media at SKU, brand and category level. 

Automated A/B testing of anything in store


A simple way to keep track of all of those toolkits.

Commerce marketing is packed with detail, with each retailer offering a bewildering array of ways to invest - or waste - money. So where do you start!? If you're new to the industry or want to keep on top of all of the latest media available, you can browse the entire media catalogue of top retailers, including individual performance stats on uplift and ROI. 

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