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Maximise every £ spent on commerce media to drive stronger returns

Empower your team to gain better understanding of performance, leading to smarter media planning and guiding media choices.

Created by commerce marketeers, for commerce marketeers.

Plan-Apps is a commerce marketing platform that streamlines the full marketing campaign cycle.


Across the tailored media planning, management and evaluation applications, Plan-Apps empowers you and your team to better understand how your media is performing across your retail customer for your business, and critically makes it easy for users to act on key learnings. 

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Plan Smarter

Plan & Book all of your shopper, in one simple place.​

Learn Faster

Opinions are interesting, knowledge is power. Aggregated trends 


Measure more

Consistent and reliable measurement. Independent evaluations across the full path to purchase.

A robust, retail agnostic evaluation solution.

If shoppers can see it, we can measure it.


With an array of evaluation methodologies to choose from, any touchpoint from a shelf talker to digital screens to secondary space can be analysed the effects at SKU, brand and category level so you can really get under the skin of your campaigns performance. 


Delivered in a consistent, clear and succinct manner, studies can be carried out in almost any multiple retailer from supermarkets to petrol stations.

Draw tangible insights to drive future media choices

With all of your performance data held centrally you can now begin to track activations by cost, by retailer and by touchpoint.


Better decision-making starts by being in command of the information: with Plan-Apps, you’ll be able to track rates, uplift effects and returns across your whole marketing plan, enabling you to focus on directing investment where it can generate the most powerful returns.

Accelerate your learning with aggregated Trends

To further accelerate your learning, Plan-Apps also offers a market
leading view of media effectiveness across retailer, shopper journey stage and by
channel to inform future investment.


  • View benchmark data from our entire evaluations database. 

  • Cut and slice shopper journey, retailer, KPI or by category.

  • All benchmark data is validated by the number of studies and representative results feeding into this.

Put data at the heart of your future media planning

With these learnings and data flowing through every part of the platform, utilise your historic data to inform your future media planning to drive the strongest returns. 

  • Build prospective plans for cross-retail activity with the ability to forecast effectiveness based on previous performance at a single touchpoint level.

  • Prioritise channel selection based on your focus KPIs.

  • Manage campaigns in real time in accordance key deadlines to ensure you’re always on track.

Join some of the largest FMCGs in the UK

Proven to deliver improved performance



Weighted Brand ROI

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